ReHorse Rescue Ranch

(209) 337-5886

Jamestown, CA

The name of the rescue encompasses our goals for these wonderful animals. Once Rescued, we Restore (with veterinary care and nutrition), next Rebuild (with love and training), then finally Rehome (to approved forever homes). Hence the name ReHorse Rescue Ranch.

Safe Haven Horse Rescue

(530) 347-4941

Cottonwood, CA

We are a group of people who care about horses and their quality of life. As a non-profit, no kill, volunteer organization, we can improve their lives by providing a safe environment and good nutrition and teaching others to do as well.   We offer the horses a life where there is trust and hope.  Through the efforts of Safe Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, we care for the equine, restoring health and well being and when possible placing them in loving, caring homes.

Horse Plus Humane Society

(530) 282-5565

Oroville, CA

We are dedicated to preventing cruelty to horses, and prosecuting the cruelty inflictors to the full extent of the law. We work for the prevention of cruelty to horses and all other animals through education, voluntary compliance, law enforcement, and arrest and seizure if needed. At our shelter near Oroville CA, we typically have between 20 and 40 horses available for adoption to pre-approved adopters.  Our staff and volunteers work together to do the greatest amount of good we can.  We are a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization reliant on your donations for all of the costs associated with animal welfare and care!

Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue


King City, CA

EVERY "saved from slaughter" horse has been taken DIRECTLY out of the feedlot pen. These horses had no chance to be saved and no where else to go except to the Slaughter plants in Mexico or Canada. When you meet them it is impossible to fathom that any of them deserved that horrible destiny. There is a story in every horse’s heart and I hope to tell one for every horse that has crossed through our gates.  Please take a look at our YouTube videos, search for Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. We are a Non-Profit Tax Exempt 501(c)3 organization.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

(831) 386-0135

Lockwood, CA

The mission of Redwings Horse Sanctuary is to eliminate the causes of equine suffering through education and community outreach programs, rescue abused and neglected equines, and provide permanent sanctuary or selected foster homes for those equines.

All About Equine

(916) 606-3330

El Dorado Hills. CA

AAE is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit equine rescue and rehabilitation organization.  Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate horses that fall victim to inhumane circumstances, i.e., horses that are abused, neglected, or slaughter-bound, and find them forever homes. Most of our horses are rescued from a foreign slaughterhouse-owned feedlot before they are transported to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

The Shiloh Foundation

(916) 296-1339

Auburn, CA

We take in unwanted horses, the ones that the owner had a problem with, or surrendered due to financial shortage.

We’ve gone to the auction and picked up horses there to avoid them going to slaughter. That is where we picked up Shiloh, our mascot. He was nine months old, sick and standing in the rain. Today he is 3 years old and he runs the place. He will do anything you ask of him fearlessly. He’s an amazing horse and yet someone gave up on him and dumped the poor boy at the auction. We love what we do and we’re glad we can be here for the horses.

If you are looking to give a loving home to a horse we can help make it work so you can take one home. When you pay to take a horse home, that money will be used to continue to care for the horses left behind.  I hope you find that the horses here are not what most would consider “rescues.” They are excellent examples of what you can do with horses that people could no longer care for.

Oakdale Equine Rescue

Oakdale, CA

Oakdale Equine Rescue was established in October of 2010 to provide a safe and happy environment for equines in need. They are either part of a family, sold for slaughter, unwanted, neglected, or their owners have fallen into hard times and can no longer care for them.  All of us at Oakdale Equine Rescue are passionate about giving these special horses a safe haven even for just a short stay until we find them a forever loving home.

This is our mission:
Assist animal control officers in seizing, adopting and fostering horses
Rehabilitate neglected and or abused horses
Educating the public with horse care and management
Help Equine owners place horses in time of need
Help place equines into forever homes
Be available to other equine rescues
To encourage the public to get involved by stopping all animal neglect and abuse.

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