The Alliance For Horses Trainers' Consortium  is a unique group of people with highly developed skills.

Trainers join the Alliance by invitation, based upon their demonstrated ability to instruct horses and humans how to collaborate as partners in all equestrian disciplines and sports.  Alliance Trainers also ally with each other, for continuing expansive education, advice, clinics and cooperative training, and student referral.

All Alliance Trainers offer training and educational services to hands-on horse owners.

Students who have adopted or rescued their horses may receive a discount for training and lessons.

Maggie Metzker

Equine Behaviorist, Horsemanship Coach, Reiki Master

(916) 616-1776

Did you know that undesirable horse behaviors are largely preventable? 
“As a Horsemanship Coach, I feel that my job is to teach people essentially three things:  How to read the horse’s subtle behavior as informational feedback, how to respond appropriately to it from the saddle and on the ground, then how to seamlessly integrate the result into the riding discipline that the student chooses.” Through her "Equine Epiphany" lessons, clinics and workshops, Maggie helps riders to give their horses whatever they need to be excellent collaborators.  She was Champion Trainer at the HELP Rescue Me Trainers Challenge.

Susan Wirgler

Wirgler's Horse Human Partnership

Safety and confidence is achieved through understanding and knowledge. Susan's passion and commitment is teaching horses and owners to communicate with each other- to build a partnership. She emphasizes a strong foundation of good behaviors that produces soft willing partners in equines without force or devices, as well as teaching humans how to gain confidence through having control of the horse’s feet and mind.
Robert Gonzales

(916) 806-6359

Robert Gonzales has been working with horses for over 25 years.  Robert owns and operates Gonzales Livestock Horsemanship, where he specializes in training safe, quiet and confident ranch horses. He also works with a variety of horses and disciplines to help with problems and confidence issues. It is very important to build a solid foundation with all horses by using feel, timing and balance, to develop the horse both emotionally and physically.  Robert works hard for you, to build a better horse for today, for tomorrow, and for the future.

Louise Alaniz

(408) 605-3622

The time is right for horsemen and women to seek out their own path that has heart.  Everyone can practice horsemanship with heart.  Louise Alaniz rides and teaches with this in mind, using modern techniques of "natural" horsemanship, European and western dressage, on the ground and in the saddle.

The journey to receiving the Aikido rank of shodan (black belt), has informed Louise's horsemanship more than any other
discipline or disciple.  Aikido improves our balance, posture, judgment, and values.  This skill transfers seamlessly from the dojo to the arena.

Louise spent 7 years as Head Trainer at Summit Equestrian Center in Los Gatos, and is now a member of the San Benito County Sheriff's Mounted Search and Rescue Unit.

Anne Soule

(209) 245-4991

Horse Behavior Specialist

Foothill Equestrian Center on Facebook

Anne makes learning about horses so EASY because she has the ability to convert mastered years of knowledge into simple, fun, productive steps. Anyone can take in the information she provides.  Knowledge, experience and honesty are Anne's pursuits. She is open, and easy to talk to.  You can ask her anything, and her answers will always make sense.

Anne has been riding horses for 50 years, and is a Certified Instructor in English and Western. She has produced money earners, buckle winners, TV spots, and was top 3 in HELP Rescue Me Trainers Challenge.She has worked for many famous icons in the horse industry, has owned and operated Foothill Equestrian Center for 23 years, and assisted with rescue programs for 30+ years.

Sandy Smyth

(916) 295-7116

“Horse training through positive experiences” is the motto of Sandy Smyth. This is her successful formula for horses of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. Sandy focuses on good horsemanship that applies to all disciplines. She won 2nd place in the Help Rescue Me Trainers Challenge, and competed at the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo.  And yes, you did see Sandy on Project Cowboy, on RFD-TV. Her many accomplishments include Endurance, Ride & Tie, and exhibition bronc and buffalo riding for the Flying U Rodeo. Sandy is a rider with the Gold Express Drill Team, performing at events across the state.

Maria DeAngelis

My training approach to both riders and horses is to build on the basics to find a harmonious, controlled and effective ride for both the horse and the human.  Patience and persistence are the cornerstone.  I continue to be a student myself so that I can have a number of teaching techniques in my "tool bag" to support the lesson.  If one way doesn't work, find another. I have learned from all my instructors, but the best never lost their patience with me and committed to making me a better.  I'd like to do the same with everyone I teach -  be it horse or human.  On the lead rope, under saddle or hitched, our horses offer us a lifetime of learning.

Anita Dayton

(916) 591-2481
10576 Arno Road, Galt, CA

Anita Dayton has over 40 years experience with horses; riding, training, and caring for them. Her formal education in Europe and the U.S.A. was with mentors and trainers from Olympic Dressage riders to natural horsemanship legends. Anita gives lessons using these cornerstones of education for Dressage, Jumping, English/Western, Groundwork, Behavior, and good all around horsemanship.  Whatever horse discipline you are interested in, she can help you achieve your goals in a way that is clear, kind, and compassionate to everyone.

Anita owns and operates the K.I.S.S. Horse Center, offering boarding, training and lessons.  K.I.S.S. Horse Center is also home of Hope For Horses, a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitating, re-training and re-homing of horses in need.  Through her collaboration with several non-profit horse rescues, Anita has saved over 400 horses, one horse at a time.

Shauna Brantley-Tarazon

(209) 559-4823

Shauna’s love of horses has guided her to learn many things, including empathy, patience, respect, understanding, and humility - and to appreciate it all. She shares her collected knowledge through lessons and clinics, so that people can learn to become the leaders that their horses want and the partner they can love and trust.  Shauna teaches people to use energy fluctuations, and other concepts and cues that horses understand, to create a happy, patient, trusting horse. She trains young horses with a solid start in life, and also helps those with unwanted behaviors to change perspective. All of this comes together to create proper balance, flexion, and softness with mental and physical fitness in both horse and human for a long pleasant journey.   “I truly enjoy and feel very blessed to have my life with horses, teaching, training, and taking part in fun events such as Project Cowgirl, Americas Favorite Trail Horse, HELP Rescue Me Trainers Challenge, clinics from fellow horse lovers, ACTHA rides, and my favorite… Cowboy Obstacle Challenges!”

Marybeth Wiefels

(877) 789-6797

As a certified life and empowerment coach, and expert in equine behavior and psychology, Marybeth helps people and horses learn to connect on a deep level of partnership and respect. Working with returning riders, usually women in the 40-65 year old range, renewing their confidence is as important as renewing skills. Fearless in their youthful exploits, many women now face a barrier of self-limiting beliefs. Others are finally realizing their dream with a first horse and want to have a safe, nurturing place to hone new skills. Many horses have these same needs, and Marybeth brings the magic to your relationship with your horse.

Debbie Davis 


Debbie Davis owns and operates Sport Equine Incorporated, a public benefit 501©3 Corporation and has been actively involved in helping unwanted and untrained horses and their owners for almost 2 decades in central CA. She believes most horses are happiest and healthiest serving a purpose in accordance to suitability. Debbie provides diversified training for all disciplines, with profound results within 1-3 months. During that time frame most are re-homed with carefully matched new owner/riders. Many with potential stay longer and receive competitive experience to launch their careers in the horse show world. Debbie has earned her USDF Bronze medal and has competed to FEI levels in eventing and dressage, and achieved national Eventing champion status in amateur and overall categories.  Her mission is to educate people against over breeding and to focus on training and developing the unwanted and forgotten horses, allowing them to bridge gaps and meet existing needs.

Cindi Scoleri


 Allison Acres provides training from the ground up for the safe family horse, as well as problem solving and relationship building for experienced riders.  Trainer, instructor and owner Cindi Scoleri enjoys helping horses and horse-people understand each other for effective two-way communication.  Cindi’s goal is to create calm, responsive, engaged horses who feel good and have interesting work.   Specializing in gymkhana, trail, natural horsemanship.  Beginners thru advanced, any age, including special needs and fearful riders.  Also offering boarding, barefoot transition services, birthday parties, pony rides.  Located in Galt.

Jen Hannink

(209) 526-0322

Best known as a World Cup trainer, Jen Hannink has been training riders and horses for over 25 years.  Jen gentled colts with Ray Hunt.  Her hunter/jumper training was fine tuned by international Grand Prix trainer, Larry Mayfield and Richard Keller.  She did extensive work on troubled horses with Tom Dorrance.  Jen trains and competes in the “A” circuit in the US and Canada.  Jen’s goal is to work with riders and horses so they become a team.  Students appreciate her patience, honesty, sensitivity to horse’s needs, and ability to work through equine relationships.

“My position as a trainer is to better a rider’s skills and ability to understand the horse. Riding is a lot like dancing.  If you are not in step with your partner, you can be in for a rough ride!”

Alejandro Salazar

(530) 306-6818

Alejandro’s enthusiasm, expertise and dedication to the sport he loves is demonstrated in all aspects of his programs.  At Rancho Pura Vida, he provides training services for horses and riders of all disciplines and all levels, with a focus on developing good communication between the horse and the rider.  Specializing in competitive Dressage and Hunters & Jumpers, his training methods have developed with many influences ranging from a ranch riding background, to a lifetime of formal instruction through classical European training methods, to natural horsemanship. Alejandro has shown and won National and International Dressage and Jumper competitions, and he continues to elevate his own abilities and performance at advanced levels of competition.




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